The Top Ten Christian Web Sites

This list is the top ten Christian websites on the entire internet. It is because of the truth of the Word of God on their sites that they are listed here.

This site is probably going to be number one. The text is LARGE for the elderly or vision impaired. The site seems to be dedicated to accurately reading the Word of God for those who have difficulty reading. It is also great for bible study while cooking or other tasks that require your eyes. You can listen to the bible being read aloud at any time you choose. May God bless whoever is responsible for this site, and that includes the supporters. I will be doing whatever I can to support this site.

Because they offer the most valuable asset to the internet experience: free unlimited online use of the Word of God.
I really like having the ability to instantly locate a verse that I cannot remember where in the bible it is located. Sometimes people don't believe me when I quote a scripture but can't remember where it is. By keying in a few words to the searchbox, I have the scripture reference numbers. Some people are not satisfied unless credentials are produced. Others rejoice in the word of God when they hear it, because it is written on their hearts.

Biblegateway has a complete set of tools for studying the word of God through our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Like BLUELETTERBIBLE, you will be able to key in search words or phrases to locate what you are looking for in the Bible. They also offer an audio bible and a magnifyer for the old or tired eyes. I have yet to explore the rest of their sites, but this site makes the list for offering free of charge, access to formidable study tools.

Bible dot com makes the list because it allows you to read the bible in many different languages. It also offers almost every version of the bible available to read. You can download the bible absolutely free.

Now all I have to do is review six more.

On the pending review list is next



Next up in the top ten
It is indeed difficult to find the top ten christian sites. Let's see .....the average review takes about three months. Am I too thorough?

Sometimes a web site seems like it is a wonderful, useful, friendly, and professionally reputable internet tool, that you have been hoping to find, and FINALLY HAVE FOUND IT!

"Many shall come in my name saying 'I am He', do not go after them."

Stick to the gospel in your bible my friends.

Beware of web sites that require you to become a member and log in, just to enter and use their site. If they require too much personal information they are probably not what they are representing themselves as. I ADVISE YOU TO NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR DATE OF BIRTH, OR ANSWER THE SECRET QUESTION OF: What is your mothers maiden name?, or What is the name of your pet?
There is absolutely no reason for a "Christian website" to require personal information.
A bank or credit card company asks these questions for security purposes. A website operator does not need to have a system in place which requires security protocols to be exercised on their readers. If you come across such a site it is probably a phishing site. All they are interested in is a con game in which they gain your name, birthdate, social security or social insurance number, mothers maiden name, or any other information that would be required to steal your identity and obtain credit cards and bank loans in your name.

I received an email from a gentleman who informed me he lives in Louisiana, and he wanted to acquire some land to build a church. He currently pastors his flock in a convention room at a Hotel. He provided a web site link, which proved to be a very professional site with all the trimmings. Having been a security consultant, I decided to check out this person and discovered his address was in Covington, Kentucky. A very dedicated pastor indeed, would cross two state lines to minister to those thirsting for eternal life.

I informed him of my discovery and have not heard from him since.

The point I want to make is the web site was a very professional and sincerely genuine looking site.

If you want to give your money away, give it to a real church that has an active social assistance program, or the needy in YOUR town or city, not an anonymous organization that promises to do wonderful things far from your sight.

A few months back I decided to get another site going, so I searched for another domain name. I have the name of Jesus Christ registered and trademarked, so I wanted to have a web site called or .net or .org etc. Unfortunately business names are not given priority for web sites. All the above names are taken, so I searched the name It was available for $34.95. A week after I made my inquiry, someone purchased it and is now up for sale for $5000 U.S. That's right, an empty, parked domain. The extensions of .net and .org are still available cheap, but I decided is the domain name I now own so that is good enough. It is the content of a site that matters more than the domain name.

I've come to the conclusion that people who do not believe in God, have no morals. Well.............that's probably an old saying, but this weeks events have led me to that conclusion.

I had discovered a very good Christian website that I was sure I would be adding to my Top Ten Christian Web Site List.
Unfortunately, as soon as I gave them a pat on the back, boom, they went up for sale. Last bid was over $4000.00 USD.

I DO NOT ENDORSE WEB SITES! I simply review them based on their gospel and truth content.
I want to present them to you as an aid to your salvation. Because TODAY is the day of salvation. Tomorrow will take care of itself.


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